The Role of Beetroot for Healthy Living
The Role of Beetroot for Healthy Living

Workout Boost With Beetroot Juice

Okay, I know, we’re a bit biased as beets are our thing, however, there is a large (and growing) amount of medical and scientific evidence supporting the use of beetroot juice before your exercise routine.

I have been using Beetroot juice before my workouts for quite a few years now.

Why? Quite simply, beetroot juice contains Nitrates which the body converts to nitric oxide (nitrogen and oxygen).

Nitric oxide, or NO, vasodilates your blood vessels, which allows for delivery of more oxygen to your blood stream, thus reducing the stress placed on the heart. In which case, the beetroot juice, also lowers blood pressure. High blood pressure (hypertension) is one of the causes of strokes and heart attacks.

Giving your blood a shot of Nitric oxide is quite the beneficial cardio-respiratory effect.

Workout Supplement

Beetroot juice (or BRJ) when used as a chronic, dietary supplement during a workout (or just prior to a workout), can give a boost to your energy, giving you a higher performance to your workload for a longer time period before you get tired. I have found that I can get in a few more reps with my bench press or arm curls.

Furthermore, one study found that consuming beetroot juice increased the amount of oxygen to the brain which in turn enhanced exercise performance along with some improved brain functioning. The area of the brain that processes the information from body and muscle movements, the somatomotor cortex, is stimulated by the use of beetroot juice due to the oxygen blast.

Another study done by Wake Forest University, found that, in adults 55 and older, when given a shot of beetroot juice prior to a workout, their brain connectivity was closer in appearance to that of a younger ‘brain’, than that of a placebo group doing the same 50 minute treadmill walk.

Boosting That Energy

Drinking beetroot juice before my workout gives me, fundamentally, a significant energy increase. I feel refreshed and charged up. It’s an outstanding quick pick-me-up when I am feeling tired, which sometime occurs usually after lunch and my body is craving a nap. The beetroot juice vanquishes that desire and helps me remain awake and alert.

Overall, BRJ keeps me going longer during my weightlifting workout and drinking this supplement is completely worth the benign side effects of pink-colored urine and stools. 😉

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