Beets and Beetroot Juice for a Healthy Pregnancy

Beeting Your Baby in the Womb: As the saying goes: “A healthy baby begins with you.” During a woman’s pregnancy, a woman will seek out specific, healthier foods that benefit both her and her baby.  Among these highly beneficial foods is the glorious beet. A woman’s body increases its blood […]

box of beetroot crackers

Are These the Best Beetroot Powder Crackers?

Do you find yourself craving the salty goodness of a potato chip, coupled the gorgeous flavorful color of the beet? Then look no further, my friend, for the quest ends here. We’ve found both of those requirements jammed packed in these little, tasty, round crackers – Trader Joe’s 3 Seed Beet Crackers! […]

beets and anti aging properties

Does Beetroot Posses An Anti-Aging Effect? The Facts Are Mind-Blowing!

While aging is a normal part of life and we can’t avoid growing older, that doesn’t mean that natural methods for looking and feeling younger don’t exist. Not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, one of the most recent foods to be dubbed a superfood – beetroot, has […]

Beetroot cancer prevention

Do Beets Prevent Cancer? The Jaw-Dropping Evidence Is Here!

Beets (or beetroot) are one of the latest foods to be labeled a superfood. As such, this earthly and sweet-tasting vegetable arrives with a plethora of supposed health benefits that will even leave the doubters of beetroot’s efficacy in awe. However, did you know that beets are actually believed to […]

beets and antioxidants

Is Beetroot High In Antioxidants? Science Provides The Answer!

Beets might make for great soups (the Borsch), salads, canned food etc., but there’s more to this fabulous vegetable than being mere food. It’s no secret that beetroot offers a plethora of benefits that range from lowering BP (blood pressure) to anti-tumor capabilities. Beta vulgaris (the scientific term for beets) has […]

Workout Boost With Beetroot Juice

Okay, I know, we’re a bit biased as beets are our thing, however, there is a large (and growing) amount of medical and scientific evidence supporting the use of beetroot juice before your exercise routine. I have been using Beetroot juice before my workouts for quite a few years now. […]